KLR’s First Service, Fixed Throttle and the $50.00 Piece of Gravel

After screwing about for an hour with cables, adjustments and trying to get the throttle to work properly I took the bike in for an inspection. I honestly thought I’d exhausted all the possibilities. The cables looked fine, nothing was pinching or bent, the throttle return and assembly seemed fine. Hmmm… Couldn’t see any reason for the throttle to only open about 1/4 of the way.

While the bike was in to be looked at for this I also had the first service and valve check done. Everything was copacetic. Everything was ‘in spec’.

Turns out the problem with the throttle was a tiny piece of gravel that was lodged up behind the cables and mechanism for the throttle at the carb. It was hidden in behind and was only visible with the tank off the bike. How silly 🙂 This must have happened on its maiden voyage on the first day. First day, gravel road = gravel up into engine area and stuck into carb area. What luck!?! At least I’ll know where to look if it happens again. It cost 1/2 an hour of labour when they took the bike apart for the valve check. For your enjoyment a picture of the $50.00 piece of gravel is posted below.

I rode it home and everything seems fine on first inspection. I have to wait for some decent weather to go out for a real ride to make sure everything is working properly. It’s been unseasonably cool and still snowing again this week – so riding will have to wait another week or two. We’re about a month behind normal spring weather this year.

The $50.00 Piece of Gravel Stuck in the Throttle

The $50.00 Piece of Gravel Stuck in the Throttle