Final Bits and Pieces

Nearly all the accessories for the KLR are ready to go now. The last pieces are the Trax side panniers/luggage and SW Motech EVO side racks. Those are on the way and should arrive in about 8-10 days.

I’ve now installed the aluminum skidplate. It is quite a bit more substantial than the plastic one that comes with the bike. Removed a few bolts from the side protector crash bars and this bolted right on in minutes. One little annoyance – two of the mounting bolts on a black part are steel!? They are also visible. Seems like an oversight on the part of SW Motech but not a big deal. Also it doesn’t go up as high as the OEM plastic guard, so I could see mud and rocks getting kicked up inside the plate and getting lodged there. I’m sure there is a reason it is not as tall by design – just haven’t figured it out yet (weight?).

I added Barkbuster Storm protective guards to protect the bars and controls on the bike. This was also a relatively easy install. The parts bolt right into the bar ends and over the 7/8″ handle bars below the small cross bar. They ‘just’ fit. One oddity was that on the left side of the handlebar I had to use the Dremel tool to cut off the steel loop around the cables. Not sure why Kawasaki thought only the left control cables and wires needed the steel protective loop, but a few minutes with the Dremel and everything fits like a glove.

One other small hitch – the bottom of the Barkbuster Storm guards, when adjusted to provide wind protection, rubs against the fairing on full lock (down by the gas tank). Frankly, the bike is going to get scratched anyhow (and has already been scratched by my two left hands). I’m surprised at the level of finish on this bike. I know it’s a $6,000 bike, but the paint scratches just looking at it. Any time I’ve touched anything on the bike or it’s been dusty it has been scratched in the garage. Again, not a biggie, it’s a utility vehicle and will likely have the living tar beaten out of it. 😉

Bring on spring’s warm weather in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to take this bike out for some riding!