More Pieces of the Puzzle for Inuvik – One Big One….

Well, I’ve added two more pieces to my kit in preparation for next summer’s trip. I got a really good deal on a brand new 2010 Kawasaki KLR 650 dual-sport motorcycle. I picked it up from a local dealer after just poking around for a while trying to find a red one (not a big fan of the Kawasaki green or the other colours for the 2011 bikes).

What a difference from riding a sport-touring bike to a dual-purpose motorcycle. The VFR is so smooth stable and refined. The KLR in spite of 20 plus years of small revisions is still a pretty basic and raw machine. It certainly does what it is asked to do though.

I’ve been out on a couple short rides to Sundre and the Bragg Creek and Maclean Creek areas to test it in gravel and climb a few hills and single track paths. It’s a lot of fun. It’s not particularly powerful but not a slouch either. It absorbs the bumps and rocks pretty well with its full travel suspension. It also gets excellent fuel economy at over 50mpg for both trips.

I also picked up some new riding boots with more protection and that are waterproof. This is my first set of really high-end boots and are they ever awesome. I bought a pair of the SIDI Discovery Rain adventure boots. They fit like a glove and feel like I’ve already been wearing them. Such soft leather and well-designed boots. They also have a bunch more protection in the heal and front of the foot for being off-road.

Next few pieces arrive later this month – luggage, heated grips, protective bars and the like.