More New Parts for KLR – Rear Luggage Rack and Crash Bars

Installed the rear carrier rack on the bike. Pretty simple install – remove the existing stock plastic rack and install the new aluminum one by SW-Motech Carrier Rack. One little quirk during the install. I installed the aluminum rack only to find out that the adapter plate for the Trax luggage that I’m buying needs to have 3 tiny plates installed underneath before the final mounting – not a big deal, but might be helpful in the somewhat lacklustre instructions.

Stripped the bike of most of its plastic, removed the seat, footpegs and sidestand, then lifted the fuel tank. On went the SW-Motech crash bars. Very well-built and engineered parts as they fit perfectly and took only minimal amounts of finessing to get into place. The great thing about these parts is they also have upgraded bolts that are harder and stronger than the existing OEM ones. The SW-Motech centrestand accessory also comes with a grab bar that install below the passenger footpegs – someone was obviously thinking when including that bit as it makes the bike much easier to lift on to the centre stand.

Last piece to change was the subframe bolts. Internet lore and mythology suggests that the bolts on the subframe for the KLR are ‘less than adequate’. Some suggest that they are grossly under-engineered for the weight of an average rider and gear. The bolts that come with the bike are rated as ‘8.6’ or lower, some as low as ‘6.0’ hardness and strength. All the replacement bolts, from Eagle Mike Engineering with this kit are ‘8.8’ to ‘12.9’ hardness. There’s an option to drill out the centre of the subframe and install a single aircraft grade bolt but that seems like overkill. Also, there seems to be some debate on whether the newer models, like mine, make up for it with a thicker subframe. I decided to upgrade all the bolts and fasten things in. The crash bars are rock solid and look like they’ll do their job in case of a ‘get-off’ or low-speed fall.

The next upgrades are the heated grips (Oxford Heaterz – Sport) that are sitting in the garage, a mount for the GPS (which I still have to order), new footpegs (the stock ones are garbage) and a few other protective pieces.