Day 7 – Rainy Quiet Day in Flagstaff

Pretty quiet day here today. It’s been torrential rain here since abbot 10:30 last. Crazy electrical storm that even created a blackout for a few hours.

Slept in a bit today. I can feel the effects of the altitude here. It’s higher than Denver by about a thousand feet I think. I did some reading on high altitude cities and it affects your energy level, breathing, and sleep. It’s also really easy to become dehydrated especially for those not used to it. I’ve drank almost 4 litres today and I’m still thirsty.

I was going to walk across the street and check out the Arizona Cardinals football practise but since I was a late riser I missed part of it. Turns out that I didn’t have a hope of getting in. Due to the weather it was held in a stadium that holds 14,000 or so and it was packed with people standing in line. I’ll check again on Monday and see if I can get in.

The recreation centre at the university is closed during the weekend practices so tomorrow I may go for a run outside if the weather is nice. The rec centre is open again Monday so I’ll pop over and work out there.

A very short exploration of the neighborhood today then lunch at Granny’s Closet which is right around the corner. Pretty good food and since it’s a few blocks from the stadium there were lots of football fans. They certainly are diehards. The media had there radio show in the restaurant and you could here people already discussing the team’s prospects for next year.

A bit of reading tonight, watch some TV and a movie, then I’ll try to get q better night’s sleep tonight. Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and I’ll explore some of the town.