Day 5 – Bike Almost Ready – Leaving Tomorrow

Well the regulator has been replaced on the bike. The bad news is that it may not be the only problem. The stator that generates the electricity for the bike is not putting out the right amount of voltage either. So the bike still may not be charging my battery.

The part would have to be ordered and wouldn’t arrive until next Tuesday. I’m not willing to spend another week here with nothing to do at $100 a night to wait for the repair.

I have to sort out the warranty stuff with the Honda dealer here tomorrow morning at 8:30. If that goes well then I’ll get out on the road and go to Blythe. I’ve made a reservation there again so hopefully this time I make it. 😉

So, I’m going to take my chances tomorrow. I’ll buy a battery charger and plug the bike in for the next two days at night. If it works like it has in the past I should be able to get to Blythe tomorrow and San Diego the next day. The dealers in San Diego are open on Saturday and Sunday so I can order the parts and stay there for a few days until the bike is repaired. At least that’s the plan, we’ll see what happens.

At least if I make it there the accomodations are cheaper and I can wander around and keep busy.

Wish me luck.