Day 4 – Hanging in Page, AZ

Pretty relaxing day here. Basically I’m just waiting for the parts for my bike to arrive.

Slept in for the first time in months. Went out wandering around to take some pictures.

It was 35 celcius so I went for about a 5-6 mile walk to the Glen Canyon dam and back. Really quite interesting to see the creatures and plants that are so different from home. Lots of little, and big, lizards out on the rocks. Soe really cool cacti and plants. Really, just wandering around on the rocks is pretty cool. They are all so worn and scrubbed down by the elements.

The rest of the day I spent by the pool at the hotel reading. I hardly ever have the free time to just read so it was quite relaxing.

I experienced my first small tornado or bizarre windstorm today. I was sitting by the pool and the wind picked up a bit. Then a bit more. Then I could hear the wind start to howl and really gust. Then before I knew it the deck furniture was flying across the pool area. Very bizarre.

Good news on the repair of my bike. The parts will be here tomorrow after all. The Honda dealer made a few calls and was able to get Honda to send one from overseas today. My bike could be ready as early as the end of the day tomorrow.

I’ll see how things play out tomorrow and decide whether or not to continue to Mexico as planned or alter the route.

Also I’ve posted a link to the photos under the 2010 Bike Trip area. To pack light for this trip I decided that I would use our iPad. While it is great for email and web stuff it is really limited for tools for website and photo editing. So I haven’t been able to post thumbnails and images as i have on past trips. The photo bucket site will have to do until I get back to our desktop computer.