Day 3 – St George, UT to Page, AZ

Distancee: 175 miles
Low Temp: 20 celcius
High Temp: 38 celcius
Time on Bike: 3-4 hours before the electrical meltdown

The best laid plans….

Started out a bit later today. Ever have that feeling something isn’t entirely right? Well it sure wasn’t today.

Yesterday I noticed that the heated grips on my bike were flashing a warning light. Usually this indicates a low battery. My battery is new so I thought this was just some odd quirk with the extreme heat. As it turns out it meant that my regulator had failed and that only the battery was keeping things going. Which it did until today.

I was on highway 89a which leads to the north side viewpoint of the Grand Canyon when my bike died. No power and it wouldn’t start. Insert a really big “uh oh!” and vigorous swearing. Barely enough to get the fuel pump to start but not enough to turn the motor. I was able to push start it since I was at the summit (8000 ft) and get the bike going but it would only run while revved over 6500 which meant in no time I had to be doing at least 70mph to keep it running without stalling – for 35 miles.

I made it to a little town of Marble Canyon and luckily I had CAA and they sent out a tow truck.

After an hour wait for the tow, which was quite quick considering, I had a 30 mile ride to the local Honda dealer. At least the bike died near a Honda dealer.

They were very helpful and diagnosed the problem right away. Problem is the regulator can not be found in the US. There aren’t any for ten days. Ugh! Thanks to the kindness of a stranger I got a ride to my hotel. – nice, eh?

Mad scramble to call a canadian dealer in Calgary who’ll get on to me hopefully by Friday. Fingers crossed. So I’m going to be staying here in Page, Arizona for the remainder of the week.

Needless to say my Mexico journey will likely not happen now. I guess I’ll see what transpires over the week.


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