Day 21 – The Ride Home

Distance: 669.1 Kilometres
Low Temp.: 8 celcius
High Temp.: 14 celcius (for a few minutes around New Denver, BC)
Time on the bike: 7:45am-7:30pm.

The final day of the trip. While I had planned to take the highway 3 ride home it turns out I missed the ferry. I literally rode up to the port as it was leaving. The next ferry on a Sunday morning is almost two hours later. So I decided rather than wait I’d ride two hours and head out towards the Trans-Canada highway and go home that way.

It was quite cool for summer weather in Nelson and I ended up getting rained on very early into the trip. The rain continued off and on all the way to Calgary.

I sincerely thought the #1 would be a quicker way home. It normally takes about 6 hours going through the Crow’s Nest Pass. Well today, it took almost 12. Not only did I miss the ferry in Balfour, but also in Galena Bay. Apparently there is no priority loading any more so there were enough large vehicles on the ferry and they left the other parts empty rather than allowing the four motorcycles that would have easily fit. Missing ferries adds about 2 hours to the day.

It poured most of the way to Revelstoke at which point it also became bitterly cold. In Golden there was fresh snow on the tops of the mountains.

The Trans-Canada is under construction for most of the way from Golden almost to Banff. Constant stop and go traffic and delays. It took almost 2.5 hours to go from Lake Louise to Banff. I waited about 2 hours before I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up riding along the edge of the shoulder and past the traffic in about 30 minutes. Normally I’d never do this, but as I suspected, there was no actual reason for the delay. No stoppages or traffic issues just inept drivers.

The rest of the day was pretty smooth sailing all the way back home. And so ends another long summer ride. Good times!