Day 2 – Butte, MT to St. George, UT – The Marathon

Time on bike – 6:00am – 6:05pm
Distance – 1173 Kilometres
Low temp. – 4 celcius
High temp. – 39 celcius

Well, today wasn’t the most exciting ride. It was the longest ride I’ve done in a single day (2nd only to a 24 hr straight ride).

The goal today was to cover as much ground as possible to make it Mexico without spending extra days on the way down. It was hard to resist getting off the interstate highway to explore but I’m glad I didn’t or I wouldn’t have made it today.

The ride was largely uneventful. Not a lot of scenery on the I-15 on the way down, although the sun coming up over the mountains this morning was quite beautiful. The fella from Terrace was packing up to leave this morning when I left. He wasn’t prepared for the cold mornings in the semi-arid regions. He definitely would have frozen his ass off this morning. I had several layers of clothes and my rain gear as a wind layer and it was still quite cold until about 9:30.

A couple lessons learned today

People should not be texting or talking on their cellphone whole driving 90, yes 90, miles per hour. Two separate incidents with people wandering out of their lane while mucking about with their phone.. Bad idea!

Funny sign – “You can’t cure stupidity, but you can vote them out.” Not sure if this billboard is left over from the Bush years or not.

Hot is hot. No matter what you do at 39 celcius, you are going to be hot. Mesh riding gear, Lycra and lightweight clothing and a special evaporative vest and it is still bloody hot.

Police cars do not always look like police cars. I was zipping along and notice a Nissan pass me like I was standing still. At 85 mph! Then shortly after a Ford Mustang 5.0 with racing stripes and tinted windows follows. After about a mile the lights go on. The tricked out Mustang was actually highway patrol. That’ll be a nasty ticket – 25 over the limit.

Ironic since about 10 miles before that on a straightaway there is a “speed limit test zone.” I thought it meant to find out the limits of my bike (insert evil laugh). I could see for miles and it turns out my bike will indeed exceed the speed limit (let’s say north of 185kph). 😉

One more relatively long day tomorrow then things turn into smaller half day rides with stops and photos. Tomorrow should be really scenic, so I’ll have some photos.

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