Day 17 and 18 – Troutdale, OR – VFR Meet

Group Ride Distance: 228 miles (367 kilometres)

I’m writing this on my second full day here in Troutdale. We had a really good turn out of riders for the meet this year. Lots of locals showed up for the rides and to hang out for brew. I’d say there were probably 25 riders in total.

We broke off into small groups depending on what type of ride we’d like to do. Since I’ve already been traveling quite a while I chose the short scenic route.

My buddy Tim, who I’ve known for a few years from past meets, was our illustrious leader for the day. We road out highway 30 which is a lovely little scenic byway that used to be the main highway through Oregon. There are two really scenic places to stop Multnomah falls and Horse Tail falls. Both are stunning. Multnomah falls is 500 feet high and has a steady wisp of steaming water falling from its summit. Great spot to stop for photos and chat. Since I may have had a few too many beer the night before I was glad to stop and get a drink and a caffeinated beverage to get my body going.

We then ran along the river to Mosier and a fantastic spot to see the entire gorge area and Columbia river. It is immense. We were lucky too since the early morning cool weather did have the usual rip-roaring wind (yet).

I took a couple quick passes through the couple miles known as the Rowena curves. Lots of fun and very twisty.

Over the river to the WWI Stonehenge memorial. An exact replica of the real one. Also a great viewpoint ip the river gorge.

A quick group stop for lunch in the tiny town of Goldendale and a few backroads to take us back to the freeway a the hotel. Holy crap the mid afternoon winds of the gorge are staggering. At 65 miles an hour it hits you head-on and you feel like you aren’t even moving. It is hot, dry and tiring.

We had a great group dinner and socializing and said our goodbyes. Traditionally someone offers to organize the next meet. Well, I guess for next year it is me again. Everyone had a great time in Nelson so that’s where it’ll be again next year. It was one of the biggest Western meets we have had so far and I have a feeling it’ll be even bigger next time.

This hotel, McMenamins, has been superb. A great relaxing place and very homey.

Today I’ll do a bit of laundry and planning and a bit of relaxing as I make my way back home over the next 2-3 days.


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