Day 16 – Grants Pass, OR to Portland, OR

Distance Traveled: 287 miles
Low temp. : 20 celcius (Grants Pass when I left)
High Temp. : 32 celcius (arrival in Portland)
Time on bike: 10:00am – 4:30pm

A largely uneventful day today as my goal was to not do anything to strenuous or that would wipe me out before the group rides at the VFR meet. Mission accomplished.

I slept in today as I knew I didn’t have too many miles to cover today. Decided to take the executive dining route – breakfast at Denny’s.

Almost made a colossal mistake when leaving. Missed the one way street signs on the way out of town and turned up towards the interstate the wrong way. Luckily I noticed the cars coming, which I thought was odd, and pulled into the shoulder.

Jumped on the I-5 which basically takes me to the hotel in Portland. Tunes are essential to any slab riding. So I hooked up the helmet earphones and iPod and was ready to go.

I had set a few routes on the GPS for local rides. Turns out that the site I got the routes from had corrupted route files. I did find a few of the roads by exploring but they turned out to be pretty lame anyhow. So back on the interstate and off I went.

Stopped once for gas in Salem. It’s annoying that in Oregon someone has to ‘help’ you pump your gas. It’s the most ridiculous law and I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself. I’ve been paying by debit or credit at the pump. Well, they have to do that for you, too. And not at the pump but inside you prepay with debit then the pump bills you for your gas. Very strange and time consuming.

I did, however, end up talking with an older couple from Utah who were traveling on vacation. Turns out he’s a retired teacher of 38 years. Talked a bit about teaching, their trip, my trip andthen wished each other luck and were on our merry way.

Relied on the GPS for guidance to the hotel which was a blessing and a curse. It took me qround Portland and missed a lot of the traffic but was a very roundabout way of getting where I wanted to go. It was interesting nonetheless and I got to see a bit of the rural parts of Portland which is quite scenic.

The hotel, McMennamin’s is very, very nice. In fact, it is one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. It’s a beautiful estate on several acres with an old restored hotel, pubs on each floor, antiquities, and lovely grounds. I’ll take a bunch of pics – this place is amazing. Its reasonable for rates, too. $120 a night is cheap compared to some of the crap places I’ve stayed for equal or higher rates.

It’s very nicely decorated with hand painted artwork, lovely furniture and deluxe ecoutrements for laundry, robes, handmade soaps and the like. Very swish!

I’m not sure if I’ll do the group rides both days or not. I may just hang out and relax. Have a beer, read, visit the distillery, etc.

I’m all cleaned up and off to meet the group for dinner and a few beer.

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