Day 14 – Paso Robles, CA to Fort Bragg, CA

Distance: 426 miles (686 kilometers)
Low temp. – 10 celcius (beginning and end of the day)
High temp. – 20 celcius (San Francisco)
Time on the bike – 7:45am – 7:30pm

Making up for lost time. I’m glad I didn’t pull the ripcord on the trip altogether. Today’s ride was a really great one for scenery and for challenging motorcycling. Out of the 400 plus miles probably 300 were really stunning views and great challenges to ride.

Today’s journey was to follow highway 1 up to Fort Bragg, CA. This is where I left off in California a few years ago. I ran out of time and money here and started working my way back. Well, after today’s ride vie done the entire highway 1, one of North America’s longest roads from Tofino to its end in Southern California. From top to tail of the entire highway.

I started and ended the day in the cold and the fog. At both ends of today’s journey it was damp, cold and thick fog. The in-between was nice but not warm enough to really get warm. Let me tell you 12 hours on a bike in 10-14 degree temperatures is the recipe for hypothermia. I was frozen when I got to Fort Bragg.

It is shame I had to ride right through and only stop for a few pics along the way. There are some really interesting side roads, neat little towns and things to check out. It reminds me a lot of Utah in that you could stop every 5 miles to take pictures and check things out since it is so beautiful.

So another guy in Carmel riding a VFR and stopped in Carmel to chat for about 10 minutes. A you meet the nicest people on Hondas. He gave me his card and to drop him a line when i’m in LA again as he had a host of ride routes for the next journey.

I think LA is a bit too big and busy for my tastes unless you could stay in one place for a while and just hang out at a beach, resort or places to ride and vista the beach. Northern California seems to have a much different pace. I only rode through San Francisco but it has a much different feel. Very vibrant and colorful. Although it still has the same traffic problems as it took almost an hour to ride q few miles to go over the Golden Gate Bridge.

The views from Conzelman road above the bridge are astounding. You have a first class view of the harbor and most of San Francisco proper. A beautiful city that reminds me a lot of Seattle, Vancouver and Sydney. Same feel too.

The best part of the journey is the northern part of highway 1 in California. Wow! Leaving SF on this road is unreal. It drops down into the valley and to the ocean with a very narrow and twisty road. Lots of sharp 15-20 mph turns all the way.

The funny part is you keep waiting for the turns to stop and they keep going for a 150 miles all the way to Fort Bragg.

Some great places to come back to check out. You could really spend a week fro San Francisco north and stop at all the towns along the way for a day.

Tomorrow will also be a longish day to get me close to Troutdale for the VFR meet. Then a short day to meet up with the others.


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