First Long Road Ride

I’ve been riding my new bike sporadically, largely due to the cool weather we’ve had so far this spring.
I’ve done a few 30-35 kilometre rides just to start getting used to the bike and riding for longer periods of time.
So far I have hadn’t any real issues with ‘saddle sore’ bum or tiredness which is good.

Yesterday I decided to see if I could actually ride the distances I’d need to complete the May long-weekend route to Golden. I rode 85 kilometres in a return trip to Bragg Creek. Needless to say I was completely exhausted on my way back but I made it. Three days in a row of this type of distance with larger elevation gains might be entirely different.

I’m aiming to see if I can get a couple mountain rides in over the next two weeks for final preparation.

Here’s yesterday’s route: