Call Me Crazy – Entered in a 100 Mile Running Relay

Haven’t posted for a good long while. Well, here goes….

I’ve been running more and more over the past few years. I’ve finally reached a point where I could challenge a few races and have some fun.

So I ran the Nike Human Race in November – 10K and finished in the top 20% in Canada. I was feeling pretty good about that so I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head for a few years – “Enter the Kananaskis K100 Relay….”

We’ve assembled a team, so now all that’s left is to train for the race. Each runner runs roughly 10 miles and some are less challenging than others but it’s pretty much like running up mountain highways – hills, hills and well, more hills.

So the training begins. The race is roughly 6 months away so I’ll be building distance over those months until I can basically run a hilly half-marathon.

It’s going to be gruelling, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun. Stay tuned….