Day 9 – Tofino to Victoria – Fiona’s Final Riding Day

Distance: 335 kilometres
Temperature: Low 12/High 25
Riding Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

Fiona’s Total Distance: 2,500 Kilometres in 9 days


No pictures today. We basically rode across the island and straight to Victoria today. Fiona’s flight to Calgary leaves tomorrow night, so we wanted to get here well in advance. We’ll do some exploring by foot today and for part of the day tomorrow. I’ll stay until Monday morning and catch the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles in Washington.

Pretty quiet day today. We only stopped for a few breaks and for pee and gas (not necessarily in that order). The day started off with fog and low cloud and looked like it would threaten rain. The temperature for the western half of the island stayed right around 12 celcius and damp. Luckily we avoided rain which is pretty remarkable for three days on Vancouver Island.

As we approached Port Alberni the temperature started to rise and it went from about 18 degrees to 25 the rest of the way to Victoria. We lucked out the entire vacation and there’s been no rain – not a drop.

The ride from Parksville to Victoria was less than inspiring. No oceans views, no scenery, just a super-highway connecting a bunch of small towns in succession. I’m not a big fan of riding on freeways to begin with – this one is unbelievable as it has red lights every 2-5 kilometres. Glad that part is over. Tomorrow, explore Victoria….


Well, I can’t believe I actually made it! Die-hards probably don’t see it as a long trip, but my derriere would beg to differ. Today was a long ride, not particularly exciting, and hot. It’s nice to relax for a bit in a cool hotel room, sitting on something wider than my bum for a change.

I was sorry to leave Tofino this morning, even though it was cloudy and gray. We had a big fruit salad breakfast from the Co-Op (we sat on picnic tables outside and ate) and then hit the road, and we didn’t stop again until Port Alberni. As Mike said, it was chilly most of that first leg – I kept thinking I should ask him to stop so I could put my sweater on, then kept thinking it would have to get warmed. It did get warmer, just 90 minutes later. At least it didn’t rain! I’m so glad I shelled out for a rain suit. I think it kept the precipitation away. I hope Mike has similar luck for the rest of his trip.

I’ve had a great time this past week – it’s been a great adventure. Traveling by bike is definitely not like traveling by car – those 400 km trips go by much more quickly. Of course, you feel the bumps in the road and the cold weather more keenly, too, but those are minor trade-offs. I’m  happy to leave the actual “driving” and sportier riding to Mike, but I’m sure we’ll go on another motorcycle adventure together – maybe next summer. I’m certainly geared up for it now. I even have headphones for my helmet (though we never did turn them on).

All that’s left now is to tour Victoria a little and pick up some sort of luggage so I can carry my gear home. It’s hot and windy here today – I’m looking forward to a relaxing stroll and a nice dinner, then some more poking around. On foot.

Final Map of the Alberta/BC Trip

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