Day 13 – Vancouver, Wa to Newport, Or

Distance: 185 miles / 298 kilometres
Temperature: Low 12 (Cape Meares) / High 16 (Sandlake)
Riding Time: 8:45am – 2:00 pm

After chatting with Tim last night about routes and pouring over a map I still wasn’t able to make up my mind as to where to go. I decided to move back towards the coast for a while and avoid the searing heat inland. Boy, was I right. It was actually relatively chilly today. Overcast with low-hanging clouds made for a misty ride almost the entire way here. No rain though, which I was quite happy about.

Tim’s instructions for negotiating my way on the I-5, through Portland and Beaverton were perfect. Wow, Calgary’s traffic system really does suck. Other than a brief stop when entering Portland I didn’t have to stop moving for more than about a minute – their freeways are amazingly efficient here in Oregon.

My goal today was to pick a destination that required less riding and time on the bike and more opportunities to get off wander and take photos. This route is definitely the ticket – it’s absolutely beautiful. I’d done the 101 route a few years ago but had to rush down the coast to get to Newport for the VFRD meet. This time I was able to cruise along and stop at many of the places I’d missed last time.

Cape Meares was amazing. A tiny little maritime town on an isolated peninsula. It was misty, foggy and inclement – but was actually kind of interesting to see. There’s a real beauty in nature’s power, especially with the tides and weather patterns. Everything is warn, weathered and seasoned from the damp weather. A gem for a quick stop. I followed the loop around and along the peninsula before heading down highway 101. I think you’ll see that the pictures speak volumes and much more than I could explain in writing..

Tomorrow I’ll continue further southward. California? Maybe….

Edit: I don’t think I have a trip much farther south in me this year. I’ve ridden nearly 5,000 kilometres in just under two weeks – plus I still have to make it back home 😉 After nearly two weeks on the road I think tomorrow’s destination will be Coos Bay after riding some backroads and interesting roads recommended by friends. From that point I’ll be turning and working my way back home to Calgary. Perhaps in the future the destination will be California and I’ll be quicker on the way there, but this year it just isn’t in the cards.

Edit 2: Forgot to mention today my bike went past 50,000 kilometres. I bought the bike in the summer of 2006, so in four short Canadian summers I’ve ridden the equivalent of roughly 1.2 times around the earth. Pretty cool!
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