Day 10 – Victoria and Fiona’s Last Day


Today has been easy day – a good, lazy Sunday before I head back tonight. Once again we’ve been phenomenally lucky with the weather. It’s in the mid-20s today and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I have a feeling my first Island experience has been wholly atypical, but I’m not complaining one bit! I only hope Mike has the same luck, meteorologically speaking, on the next leg of his trip.

Last night after we relaxed for a while we took a stroll downtown and had dinner at The Garrick’s Head Pub. There were plenty of people around the food was great – nice and simple. We also stopped at Mountain Equipment Co-op so I could pick up a bag for my journey home – we had room to pack just enough, but not enough to get all the motorcycle gear and clothing back on the plane. We had planned to look for a store today, but as luck would have it the MEC appeared on the street right in front of us as we wandered into downtown. It’s weird how things are often right where you need them, when you least expect it.

This morning we got up early and headed back downtown again to wander around. We wanted to check out ReBar, a vegetarian restaurant that I’ve heard raves about and now own the fabulous cookbook from (thanks to Jenn’s recommendation). Our breakfast there was amazing. All the good reviews are right on, and we’re gong to keep it on our list as a place to go to next time we visit. So, so tasty. The food on this trip has certainly been a highlight, right down to the “fast food” lunch we had at Granville Island in Vancouver. I have probably eaten my own weight in seafood, though, so I made need to back off a bit and let our oceans recover.

After we ate we toured around the city centre a bit. This is my first visit to Victoria, and it’s so pretty! Everywhere you look there’s interesting architecture, monuments, and people. Their historical plaques have historical plaques on them. I’d love to come back and explore further – check out some of the museums and other parts of the city.

The area around the waterfront was packed with tourists, but not in an obnoxious way. We sat for a while on the grass outside the legislature and watched people wandering around. One couple in particular were interesting – they stopped at every flower bed, tree, fountain, or statue all the way along the walk while the man took photos of the woman. They had some pretty sophisticated photographic equipment, so I guess they’re getting their money’s worth.

This afternoon we’re taking it cool. Mike’s been doing laundry, and i’m relaxing with a magazine. I’m sad our adventure has come to an end, but someone pointed out to me that the best way to get over a vacation that has just ended is to start planning another one. So I guess I’d better get on it!


I’ve found out firsthand that it’s way tougher to say goodbye away from home than in the garage on the first day of a trip. Fiona and I have had a terrific journey both as an adventure and as the first time we’ve gone off on a demanding trip together. We both got to see another side of our personalities and thoroughly enjoyed spending time together which just confirms that we really are perfect for one another. Fiona hopped on her bus to the airport, albeit a bit late, but away she went nonetheless. It’ll be a quiet night here in the hotel and tomorrow I’ll be off southward into the US.