Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

well, the weather has finally smartened up, and i can get my bike out of the garage and into the street. i can’t believe how late spring has come this year. maybe, we’ve just been spoiled with early warm springs in the past few years.

tomorrow will be the maiden voyage for my little red viffer this year. can’t wait to let’r rip on the way to school. i’ve become so used to our sedate little economy car and my gutless truck over the winter. it’ll be nice to have something with a lot more punch.

starting numbers on the odometer this year – 41566 kilometres.

if i had to pick a number of kilometres that i’d ride this year it will likely be around 10,000 again this summer. i’m hoping for more but this will be the last summer before i’m gainfully employed again. lack of funds = lack of ability to ride.