LaCie Hard Drive Failure – Poor Product, Poor Customer Service

Recently I had a LaCie Quadra 500GB External Hard Drive fail (500GB LaCie d2 HD QUADRA 7200RPM 16MB – 301110U). One might expect that the hard drive would stop working, but low and behold it’s the internal power and controller card – likely with a value of less than $20. The drive is only 2 weeks past the one year warranty period.

A quick search of the internet shows that this is quite a familiar issue with LaCie’s external drives of all types. Here are a few examples from a quick five minute search of the internet:

I’ve been able to pull the drive from the enclosure, buy a $40 replacement external enclosure and the drive works fine.

LaCie will not replace the drive or offer replacement internal parts, even if I am willing to pay for the parts and shipping. They will also not make any effort to salvage a customer relationship on a failed product that is only just slightly outside of the warranty period.

“Technology is not perfect and electronic devices can fail some last ten years other may only last ten minutes. We do our best to ensure that we send out a product that will last but, once it leaves our facility we can only react to failures and troubleshoot at that point.”

Basically what they are saying is “Buyer beware – expect failure! We do not guarantee our product will work for its intended use for any period of time once it’s assembled.”

I guarantee one thing from my end – I’ll never buy another product from this company. My hope is that others will be able to find this through a Google search and realize they too could be making a mistake by purchasing a product from LaCie. Word on the internet travels fast, Lacie!