The Kootenay Hootenanny 2008

trip dates: august 13-17
kilometres: 3200+ kilometres in 5 days riding
lowest temp: 4 celcius
highest temp: 42 celcius

casualties of trip: chain and sprockets are done and in need of replacement, tires are nearly shot – hot weather and pushing hard on them took the last 1/3 of their lives (definitely need to be replaced before any serious riding next year).

well, the year went by so quickly that all of a sudden, it was time for the big bike meet. i must say i’m quite happy with how things turned out.

last year i volunteered during the Pacific Northwest VFR meet to host this year’s event in Nelson, BC.

i spent august 13-17 in the Nelson area on various rides including the big meet and group ride.

what a fantastic turnout. we had 32 bikes and about 38 people attend this year’s meet, which is one of the biggest meets for groups from the vfrdiscussion website. members came from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon and even two from Colorado.

the trip out to the interior BC was unreal – i nearly froze my ass off in the slightly above freezing temps. by the time i got to Cranbrook the weather was stunning. each day thereafter we had the hottest weather i’ve seen in western Canada in my life – high 30s celcius and up into the low 40s – really hot!

here are a few pics of the journey and festivities: