quick, cold ride…

made an attempt at a mountain ride today. the weather promised to be sunny and around 13 celcius. unfortunately, that was not the case. it was bloody cold and windy.

i’d planned to go riding with a few students from my motorcycle training class. their first ride on the highway, stop for lunch, chat, then return from canmore.

when we reached the city limits towards highway 22 the temperature dipped and there was light snow. i’m a diehard rider, but riding at 0 celcius is a bit too cool for my liking.

a quick jaunt to bragg creek for some warm soup and a drink, then we returned home back to the city.

this spring has been pretty disappointing for riding. the weather has been cold and unreliable and we’ve had many late snowfalls. i’ll have to hang in there a bit longer. maybe next friday will be nice enough for a mountain spin.