run forest, run!

well, since the beginning of december i’ve been on a quest to get back into reasonably good physical condition. and folks, it’s working!

i started at a plump 212 pounds. after two and a half years of knee injuries, shoulder injuries and general malaise i was finally able to start training again. man, i didn’t realize how shitty i felt. no wonder i felt like such a lazy bag of turd.

i’m much closer to my ‘fighting weight’ now at a much leaner 194 – float like a butterfly, or moth, and sting like an, um, wasp (not quite a bee, yet…).

my initial attempts to run were a disaster – 5 miles (too much), and really started to screw up my knees. it took 65 minutes to run five miles. being that i’m a very polarized personality (all or nothing, go big or go home) – i thought more of a good thing would be a good way to get started, not so much!

so then i started building from 1 kilometre and working on speed and adding more distance each week. in 16 weeks i’ve gone from 12+ minute miles down to about an 8:50 mile. i’m up to 8 kilometres in 44-49 minutes. pretty significant improvement.

so i’m nearly ready to run 10K distances – maybe in about 4-6 weeks.