First ‘real’ ride of the year

Fiona and I getting ready to go for a ride.

well. calgary has gone from having 6-10 inches of snow to being 20 degrees today. it is absolutely gorgeous outside. or as i’ve been want to say lately – ‘bitchin!’

there was no excuse not to go for a ride today. nothing too far. just from here out through springbank and along highway 22 to bragg creek but a nice ride just the same.

there were literally swarms of bikes at the gas station and mini-mall in bragg creek. first really nice weekend of the year brings out all the bikes from hibernation.

this was also fiona’s first ride on the highway 2-up/doubling. it’s about 90 kilometres return, so it’s a good way to get used to highway speed, balance and the unruly winds just west of the city. all in all it was a great ride and i think fiona is slowly catching the riding bug.