Day 19 – Bozeman, MT to Calgary, AB – The End of the Journey

Total Kilometres: 810 kilometres
High/Low Temp: 8 celcius (the hills and dales outside of Bozeman) and 24 celcius (Lethbridge, AB)
Total Riding Time: 7:00am MST – 3:30pm MST

today’s trip was soley about getting home, and in the quickest possible time. after 18 days of riding between 300-400 miles a day, i’m burned out and it’s time to return home.

last night was a less than restful night. someone’s car alarm went off 3 times between 11pm and 4am. each time it was sounding for about 1/2 an hour. not sure what the issue was since there wasn’t a soul around for miles. unfortunately for me it was right outside my window, so i got almost no sleep.

i basically took the interstate 15 all the way back to the canadian border, then cut through lethbridge, the fort macleod route to the junction of the crowsnest pass and highway 2. then motored back on highway 2 to calgary. i only stopped for gas, urination and the odd snack so i made pretty good time. tough to slow down after cruising along at 85-90 miles per hour.

nothing particularly eventful along the way. no problems crossing the border, again not even a luggage search.

i’ve had a fantastic journey, seen many things and enjoyed the adventure of being in new places, but there’s nothing quite like returning home. hard to believe after such a long trip that it has really taken place, and been so far away. it only seems like i just left the city. i’ve kept so busy that the 3 weeks have just flown by.

i’ll post a wrap-up with overall impressions, my best of list, and general comments. in a few days i’ll collect all the best photos into a single gallery with descriptions and post a link for those interested.

Rural Montana

Rural Montana