the adventure begins…

my bike is all prepared, gear attached and ready to go at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.

miraculously my hard luggage trunk made it from vancouver just in time today, and just in time for my trip. it’s pearl black instead of the winning red, but when i return i’ll sell it on ebay and i have a red one on the way from florida of all places.

the starting mileage on my bike is 15,525 kilometres, and should be somewhere in the range of 25,000 by the time i return to calgary.

fingers and toes crossed and knock on wood but the weather looks like it’ll cooperate for the first day of travels. nothing worse than starting a 3 week trip soaked to the ass from rain (like last year).

tomorrow i’ll be leaving the city before 6:00am, and should arrive in kelowna sometime between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. long, long first day but it’ll be some fantastic riding through the interior of BC.

Bike Loaded and Ready to Go – It’s not a perfect match, but man the extra luggage space of the trunk (black luggage) will make a huge difference over three weeks. This was my BA graduation gift from Fiona, smooch!
iPod Remote Control – the iEZClick from Monster. Allows me to control my iPod’s volume, ffwd/rew and pause/play – this will be great with my helmet earphones, especially when i’m off by myself rockin’ down the highway. I’ve attached it to my clutch reservoir with some self-adhesive heavy-duty velcro. Looks like it’ll stay in place (hopefully not famous last words).

Throttle Rocker – bought this last year and didn’t use it. It’s basically a poor man’s cruise control. The wing shape allows me to rest my wrist on it while cruising on the open highway. Less pressure on the wrists and less strain = more comfort. I guess this remains to be seen.