Day 14 – Altitude, Alcohol and Immobility…

well, apparently having about 5-6 drinks and being at an altitude almost twice that of calgary is not a good idea. holy drunken mess batman! i wouldn’t normally have 5-6 drinks in the course of a night, but if i did at home i wouldn’t be blotto. well, by the end of the night i was exactly that – pissed as a fart.

the high altitude magnifies the effects of alcohol, so needless to say day 14 has been mike sleeping, grunting and moaning on the couch – all day! i haven’t eaten, moved or done anything today. my body is soooooo…. sick.

we did have a good time though. kim and i and a few of his buddies went to a couple places in the downtown area where they live off of drake street. good local beer was my undoing. also we stopped at one place where kim knew the manager to sneak in for the end of the set of a punk band, the Subhumans. they were fantastic and the club was packed. it’s not everyday you can walk into a small club with a few hundred people on a monday night and see a really great punk band from the UK – especially not in calgary.

the atmosphere didn’t agree with kim’s more conservative friends, so we left for another bar with 100+ beers from around the world. a couple drinks and called it a night.

later in the day i was finally able to keep food down and watched a few movies here at kim’s place. talladega nights is without a doubt the worst movie ever made or released. i have absolutely no idea what people saw in this hunk of crap movie. not only wasn’t it funny, it just was plain stupid and poorly put together. i think this movie is a sad commentary on north american society – hundreds of millions of dollars were made at the box office for this drivel. unreal.

well, off to bed and recovery.

Kim’s rad loft abode.

The entertainment area of the loft.

Kim Smed international superstar.