Day 11 – Hurricane, UT to Torrey, UT

Total Kilometres: 491 (305 Miles)
High/Low Temp: 22 celcius (that’s the ‘low’) and 34 (still perty hot)
Total Riding Time: 11:00am MST – 8:30pm MST

got up and was ready to go at 8:00 this morning. i tried to get in touch with a couple of local guys and had no luck and ran out of time last night. well, hurricane is a small town and they saw my bike in the hotel parking lot. both fellers are also members of the website – achfly (andy) and spotto (gary) so we headed out for a tour of utah, and what was supposed to be a one day trip.

andy’s family graciously had me and gary for breakfast – yummy french toast, and even sent us off with some treats – yummy cinnamon bread stuff, OMG!

andy’s hound dog is a real cut-up. same name as my doggie Len, her alias before she was adopted was pepsi as well.

well it turns out it was more ground to cover than we were actually able to do.

i bought a national park pass for $80 so i can get into all the parks with one fee card now, rather than pay at each location.

first stop was zion national park, the beginnings of a day long adventure through canyons and the rocky crags of utah. there is so much stuff to look at and take pictures of that it can’t be done in a single day.

zion national park is only about 20 miles long, but you could spend days photographing all the interesting textures, colours and shapes of the geology of the region.

highways 9, 12, and 89 are a lot of fun to ride, all kinds of terrain and challenges along the way. and each of the stops has a multitude of photo opps.

rather than try and explain it i’ll let the pictures do the talking. this is day 11, i’m tired and need to do some laundry – i stink, everything is dirty. had a little dinner at ‘diablos’ a little haut-cuisine stop down the road a ways. delicious salmon dish with dill, chutney, cranberries and pestos, and other unidentifiable things – very yummy. we’ve split a room 3 ways and bunked down for the night. two more days until denver and washing and relaxing with my buddy Kim.