biketrip – day 1 – calgary to kelowna

what a great day for riding.

Total Kilometres: 954
High/Low Temp: 2 Celcius and as high as 34 Celcius
Total Riding Time: 6:20am MST -8:30pm PST

We nearly froze our lilly white asses this morning. paul and i left at 6:20 am and it was 10 degrees in calgary, not bad. got colder as we approached the mountains along highway 22 all the way to the crowsnest pass. we had chattering teeth by the time we arrived in coleman.

it wasn’t a good omen when my ipod after only playing for 1/2 an hour went dead, no power while playing radiohead – karma police. talk about bad karma.

after that, smooth sailing. BC was warm, warmer and warmest – sweaty, actually but in a good way. fantastic roads from the BC border around kootenay lake and to nakusp. these roads will be fantastic for next years VFR meet.

no real pictures today since we were just covering ground to get here to kelowna and make the push to the US tomorrow morning. i’d definitely come back and stop to take pics next time.

we arrived here (kelowna, bc) about 8:00pm. really long first day, but lots of fun riding-wise.

as the trip progresses i’ll have more photos and more time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ the goal right now is to get to the VFR meet in vancouver, washington – after that i’ll take time to see sights and experiment with photos and such.

highway 6 from creston to nelson (or the ferry port) is one of the most fantastic roads ever. narrow, twisty and challenging – too bad the speed limit is 60 km/h for most of it, although i may have done around 80 or so for most of it, and paul was much, much faster than that – out of my limits or interest at that speed.

the 3A and highway 31A are especially technical roads and quite scenic with lake views and valleys below. rated as one of BC’s destination rides, and i can see why.

Day 1 Trip Route Map