memory is a funny thing

most of the time i’m lucky to remember the events of a single day, or where i’m supposed to be at any given time. without a computer, ical and a planner i often can forget the simplest things like appointments.

numbers, not a chance. can’t remember phone numbers or addresses to save my life.

what’s really odd is remembering the exact moment i first heard a song –

nirvana – smells like teen spirit – riding with the top down in my buddy duncan’s new jeep through gas town in vancouver. the album had only been out a few days, long before the hype. i thought “holy crap” this is nirvana? instantly couldn’t get enough, still to this day one of my favorite albums.

the cult – electric (album) – bought the cassette tape at music world and went next door to burger king for a drive-through lunch, opened the tape while driving and began listening, and listening. spent the entire summer of ’87 listening to every one of ian astbury’s “yeahs” and “babys”.

led zeppelin 2 (album) – went for a ride in murray’s car in grade 12, flipped on the tape deck and heard “the ocean”. had to listen to it about 5 times, loved it – went into about 2 years of heavy zeppelin fandom – now i can’t stand them – damn classic rock radio.

ministry – jesus built my hot rod – out back behind beaver lumber on a break, friend clayton (or in cayjun – “clayyyy -ton”) says – “dude, you have to hear this” – jumped into his VW van and cranked it up, he also exposed me to early hip hop – the choice is yours – black sheep

social distortion – white light, white heat, white trash (album)- sitting at university, 5:30am, in mac hall, studying for mid-term exams, someone in one of the pubs was in unloading stock and turned on and played the entire album. i was the only one in the entire hall with this music blaring down from the pub. it was great, i was sold, and instantly a fan.

i can remember the weather, colours and things that were said, everything.

wonder why these (and many other musical experiences) left such an indelible mark in my brain.