Crossing Canada by Motorcycle — One Conversation, Animal, Oddity, Landmark and kilometer at a time. Oh, then come back… of course.

Simple goals.

Relax. Explore. See. Feel. Find energy. Spend energy. Talk. Meet. Escape.

ASUS C202SA - New Era in Computing

Welcome Chromebook

After almost two decades as a user of Apple’s high-end Power machines, I’ve decided to try something new and venture out into the world of Chromebook use.

As I have done less IT related and website work over the years I’ve found that I don’t require the outright power of Apple’s high-end laptop computers. I basically…

Africa Twin - Feature

Cross-Canada Trip 2019 – Gear Test – Lone Rider Minibags & Adventure Tent

Last summer, I was able to be an early adopter for a new luggage system made by Lone Rider – Motobags. I was given the option to try the bags at a large discount and return them after a trial period at no cost to me. I figured it was worth a try and if…

2019 Ride Planning – Cross-Canada – Again….

Starting the initial planning for the 2019 riding season. Really looking forward to seeing other parts of Canada on this second cross-Canada trek.

This time I’ll be going through Labrador, Newfoundland and trying to incorporate elements of the TCAT (Trans-Canada Adventure Trail). Like the last time I rode across Canada in 2017, there is a…

Pirelli MT21 Feature

Pirelli MT21 Tire Review – 2,000 and going….

After trying a 80/20 tire in the Mitas E-12, I thought I’d give a similar tire a try in the Pirelli MT21. It also is a 80/20 or possibly 90/10 offroad to road bias and comes with great reviews. There are two aspects that riders tend to focus on with this tire – grip and…